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About Us

In summer 2020 LLUME's founders Reena and Chris began making jewelry in their local park during the COVID lockdowns. Their goal was to inspire hope and meaning for themselves and others with timeless jewelry.

Since then, LLUME's collection has grown slowly and carefully, driven by feedback from our loyal customers.

Customers said they loved how easy we made their jewelry buying and styling journey.

This is what inspired our brand promise: Jewelry Made Easy...

  • Our collections are designed to be easy to style with anything, and wear up or down,
  • Waterproof pieces mean you can wear them without question wherever life takes you
  • Pieces are designed to be worn together, and our discounted sets offer easy stacking options.

LLUME is all about cherishing life in golden light and living with hope. Choose LLUME jewelry to remind yourself daily that life is beautiful.

Victoria, Canada

Our Little Island Studio

Everything we sell is thoughtfully crafted or curated in our beautiful studio in Victoria, BC, the jewel of the Pacific Northwest.

Our small team and limited collection helps us keep the focus on our customers' and their feedback.

We take care to make pieces you will choose and love over and over again. We’ve loved making some of our favorite designs accessible and can’t wait to see you in them.

Our Story

Summer 2020

LLUME's Beginnings

LLUME's founders Reena & Chris began making pieces in the park near their home during the COVID lockdowns.



Launched Opal Collection

Our first winning products were our signature Opal pieces: the Sardinia Necklace, Sardinia Hoops, and Cyra Necklace. Customers, influencers, family and friends told us the ocean-inspired pieces were instant classics.



Launched Kismet Collection

Just in time for summer, we launched a new classic favourite: the Kismet collection. Our unique offering of emerald green pieces suitable for an active lifestyle and dreamy summer days helped us to grow.


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About Us

About Us

LLUME is about saying more with jewelry. We believe that jewelry is the best language for describing yourself. We take care to make pieces you will choose and love over and over again....



We know there are a lot of jewelry brands out there, but we built LLUME to stand out in all the ways that matter most to our customers.  Here’s a...